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Opening to new dimensions of creative dialogue on various topics within religion, philosophy, metaphysics, theology, comparitive religions and consciousness studies. This will be a network resource connecting to discussion threads on a variety of subjects, commentaries, freelance dissertations, resource-links and other goodies of interest for spiritually minded souls and pioneers of free thought. Our first portal will be into the area of consciousness studies in general centering on the theme of Oneness, how that all of Life, Consciousness and Spirit is of one essence or substance, from which all forms and realities derive their existence, there being one universal reality at the heart of life, a Universal Field of living intelligence, a Master Mind or Soul that pervades and encompasses the whole of Existence, this Living MIND also being identifed as SPIRIT - in this direction we dive right into the many different doors that open up new realms of possibility, especially within our religious traditions seeking for that fundamental Wisdom at the very Heart of All That Is. 

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Venturing into studies of the Oneness of Consciousness.

Below is a portal to the 'Cosmic Cafe', which opens up an entrance into the forum at (TOL) - since its a public forum, all kinds of opinions and behaviors may be displayed, so be notified beforehand, as some views can be met with opposition or disagreement, even though most sensible persons will try to have a civil dialogue, some may not be so kind and civil. With that in mind, we strive to maintain some integrity, kindness and civility in our discussions, keeping it positive, inspiring and constructive, as much as possible. This is usually my ethic or intent, although sometimes if can be challenging. In any case, this website is a work in progress, still learning things here, and LOOK FORWARD to our correspondence as we learn and engage in creative dialogue, to effect an expansion of consciousness and enhanced appreciation for true religious principles, sound philosophical concepts, the pursuit of wisdom, in the spirit of love and cultivation of true brotherhood.

~ freelight's Cosmic Cafe ~

Free form musings and appetizers for weary travellers, Star gate into the cosmic library of sundry subjects and other tasty treats of no-thingness and nirvana. - Serious discussions as well as comedic blow-outs along the highway of life.

~ Theology-online Blog ~

TOL Blog , containing various posts from different discussions, free form thoughts, spontaneous commentaries, catalog lists, special notes, videos, etc.

Resource Nexus

A catalog of various resources, schools, ministires, networks, etc.

Journey Notes

Past Blog with mostly entries from 2006 - 2008

Infinity Meditations

Commentary on Infinity (book) by Agni Yoga Society

Divine Science 

(older discussion board, various subjects and schools - not currently active, archived discussion. Some links may no longer be active)

Exploring a deeper metaphysical interpretation of Christianity within the New Thought Movement of the late 19th Century, of the Divine Science School, which focuses on the truth of God's omnipresence and the creative laws of expression that originate in the one universal Mind. It is called a 'science' based on the knowledge of The Presence, and the laws of its nature, how mind co-operates with those laws.

A different stream of this same discussion is also engaged at Flat Earth Forums here.